The Beginning

In case you missed the title, this is the start of the greatest blog of all time. My name is Antonio Todd, aka, The Toddster. As of writing this, I am but one month away from starting my first semester as a college student.

Why Now?

Well, it started about a year ago…

I was trying to find a way to avoid this massive cliché, but like everyone else in the world, I was tremendously impacted by COVID. When my high school went virtual, it was the most disorganized chaos ever.

This lack of organization led to a lot of “asynchronous” work time. As any logical teenager would do, I spent a lot of that free time on my phone. Scrolling and scrolling, mindlessly consuming (at least) 4-6 hours of content each day.

After seeing my screen time was up to 10-12 hours a day, something clicked. I had come to a glaringly obvious realization, I was a consumer.

In theory there’s nothing wrong with that, as an economy needs consumers to provide products to. But that isn’t the type of consumer I’m talking about.

I was a statistic for digital marketers. I woke up every day and worked for a boss I could never see. The fact that someone else profited off of my free time initially made me jealous, until I realized I could be doing it too. This was how I got into the concept of passive income.

From there I got recommended more and more entrepreneurial and financial content (shoutout to the algorithm), which I avidly consumed. In the time I spent learning about these different topics I couldn’t help but notice how boring and technical most people were. The information was great, but at times the technical style of writing would make concepts harder to understand. Not only that, but I’d read through comment sections with middle-aged moms asking about bitcoin, only to get ridiculed by “BTC_Warrior69.”

That’s what inspired me to start this. For all the normal people who want to know how money works without the extra nonsense and most importantly, without the judgement.

Welcome to my website,

-The Toddster

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